Taming a Texas Rascal

Taming a Texas Rascal by Katie Lane

Date Published: Dec 2020


She’s a tough-as-nails cowgirl who wants to become the best darn saddle bronc rider in the world. But one night will flip her plans around faster than a brahma bull, and she’ll find herself stuck with a rodeo cowboy who puts the BAD in bad boy and the HEAT in hot Texas luvin’.


Sawyer Dawson is the youngest of the Double Diamond bad boys. Handsome as sin and twice as tempting, he lives life on the edge of danger. Bronc riding being his chosen thrill. Well, that, and the occasional bimbo buckle-bunny. Broncs, babes, and booze are all Sawyer needs—or so he makes everyone think. But beneath the charming rascal façade is a brokenhearted cowboy who’s trying to forget that his brother is marrying the only woman Sawyer ever loved. When the wedding date gets set, Sawyer tries to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a tequila bottle. But instead of finding solace, he wakes up to find a sassy cowgirl in his shower. A cowgirl he’s been warned to stay away from by his best friend. Now Sawyer isn’t worried about his broken heart as much as getting his ass kicked . . . not to mention, the possibility of a little bronc buster arriving in nine months.


Maisy Sweeney has always been a loner. Deserted by her father at birth, she’s made her own way in life and is determined to become the best bronc rider in the world. There’s only one thing Maisy wants almost as badly as a championship buckle and that’s Sawyer Dawson in her bed. She’s had a crush on the hot cowboy since first watching him straddle a saddle. And when she discovers Sawyer downing shots in a hotel bar, she feels like the rodeo gods have handed her a special gift. Unfortunately, Sawyer doesn’t see the night they spend together as a gift as much as a “big mistake.” A hurt ego and a little white lie will result in Sawyer getting a career-ending injury and Maisy will have to figure a way out of the tangled mess she’s made . . . but she’ll soon discover that being tangled up with a sexy rodeo bum is worth keeping a few secrets. Especially when Sawyer just might be the perfect cowboy to fill this lonely cowgirl’s heart.


Can these two stubborn rodeo pros find a way to make love last longer than eight seconds? Or will hidden secrets keep Maisy and Sawyer from riding off into a happily-forever Texas sunset?


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