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Spring showers make love flower…

When Spring Hadley breezes into Bliss, Texas, Waylon Kendall knows she’s trouble with a capital T. And trouble is the last thing he needs when he’s working hard to fill his daddy’s boots as the new sheriff. He doesn’t have time for frivolous fun with a sassy woman who can’t take no for an answer. But when Spring finagles her way into a position as his new assistant, Waylon realizes there’s much more to her than meets the eye. She brightens his mundane life with her sunny smile and kind heart, and he suddenly wants springtime each and every day.

Spring Hadley isn’t trouble. She’s a free spirit who sometimes forgets important things—like locking up the clothing store she owns with her sisters. When her sisters get mad and call her an irresponsible ditz, she decides to go on a camping adventure to prove that she can make it just fine without her family. Unfortunately, her Jeep breaks down, and Spring ends up stranded in Bliss with no money. A temp job is what she needs, and she’s determined to get it—even if it means tangling with the new sheriff. A sheriff who is hotter than a jalapeno pepper with kisses just as spicy. But when her criminal father blows into town, trouble begins, accusations fly, and the truth comes out.

Can a straight-laced lawman and a free-spirited woman make it to the church on time? Or will a secret tear through their spring romance like a Texas tornado?


Summer Texas Bride book cover image

Fireworks are about to light up the Texas sky…

Summer Hadley is a woman on a mission! She’ll do anything to save her clothing store, including soliciting help from her brother’s friend. But sexy, savvy businessman Ryker Evans wants nothing to do with her. So Summer does what any red-blooded Texas gal would do: She takes the bull by the horns. Waylaying Ryker in his motel room after a family wedding seemed like a good idea—and so did the bottle of persuasion, er, Patron. But business will turn into pleasure when things get a little too hot in the Lone Star State.

Ryker Evans has been asked to keep his distance from his best friend’s sister. And that’s just fine and dandy with him. Summer is too assertive, too opinionated . . . and too damned tempting. But all it will take is one heated kiss for his morals to melt like ice cubes in warm sweet tea, and there’ll be no running from the intense feelings their night together stirs. Especially when Summer rear-ends him—literally. He’s forced to recuperate from the car accident in the town of Bliss, Texas where he’ll find himself torn between loyalty to his best friend and loyalty to the woman who could easily rope his heart forever.

Trapped together in the sizzling heat of a small town, will Summer and Ryker find a way to save her business and their fragile new relationship? Or will both fizzle-out like midnight on the 4th of July?


Autumn Texas  Bride book cover image

When a Texas good girl goes bad . . .

Autumn Hadley is the perfect triplet. She’s the sister who follows all the rules and stays completely away from trouble . . . until she runs into her one weakness—a pro-football player who melts her panties with just one searing look from his sapphire eyes. Okay, so she sacked the quarterback. Literally. Several times. But one mistake will be easy to hide. At least that’s what she thinks until the skeleton in her closet shows up in town wearing a sexy cowboy hat and wanting a replay. Now Autumn will do just about anything to keep her family from finding out about her naughty little secret.

Maverick Murdoch can’t catch a break. After being fired from his NFL team for not having his head in the game, he needs a distraction and he thinks he knows exactly where to find her. But when he arrives in Bliss, Texas, he discovers the hot woman he thought he’d burned up the sheets with is actually the weird, geeky sister who had a crush on him in college. Releasing his anger in a bar fight now has him doing community service as the new high school football coach. Stuck in the same town with the Hadley triplets isn’t his idea of fun . . . until a kiss makes him realize that sweet Autumn is his favorite season after all.

Will his love of the game keep him from the love of his life? Will her fear of imperfection keep her from her perfect mate?

Or will they fall into wedded bliss beneath a big ole’ harvest moon?


Christmas Texas Bride book cover image

The last thing she wanted for Christmas was a cowboy…

Single mom Christie Buchanan has big plans to make this Christmas the best Christmas ever for her six-year-old daughter Carrie Anne. To do that, she needs money and the only way she can figure out how to get it is to win the “Best Gingerbread House in Texas Contest.” When her boss offers to watch Carrie Anne at his ranch in the afternoons so Christie has baking time, she accepts—even though Cord Evans is a hot rodeo bum like Carrie Anne’s deadbeat dad who left them high ‘n’ dry. But Christie is not falling for another immature wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am cowboy…at least that’s what she thinks until one wintry night when Cord teaches her the difference between a boy and a man.

Cord Evans is a six-time world rodeo champion who has made plenty of mistakes. After getting thrown off a bull named Redemption and almost dying, he takes a serious look at his life and decides to make some changes—starting with moving to Bliss, Texas, so he can repair the relationship with his adult son. What he doesn’t figure into his plan is a beautiful single mom and her cute sassy daughter. Determined to keep his focus on fixing his past mistakes and not making any new ones, Cord tries to keep his distance from Christie and Carrie Anne. But how can he stay away from a woman who smells like gingerbread and tastes like heaven and a little angel who melts his heart?

It will take a miracle to get these two wounded souls together…luckily, it’s the season of miracles. With a touch of Christmas magic, the little country town of Bliss might hear holiday wedding bells after all.


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