Taming a Texas Heartbreaker

Taming a Texas Heartbreaker by Katie Lane

Date Published: Jun 2020


This bad boy has met his match . . .


Reba Dixon has no illusions about men and what they want from a full-figured woman like herself. She’s been burned before by love and she has no desire to become any man’s sex toy again…especially a Double Diamond heartbreaker’s. But when Valentine Sterling shows up at her boardinghouse demanding she wait on him hand and foot, she has little choice but to comply. If she wants her business to succeed, she needs the famous author’s endorsement. So she’s forced to make a deal with the whiskey-eyed devil: if he gives her great reviews, she’ll meet his every need. She soon discovers that Val’s needs are plenty—then again, so are hers. But can she let down her hair and stop being a country Rapunzel locked away in her boardinghouse? Or will her fear of heartbreak keep her from accepting the bad boy prince of her dreams?


Bestselling author, Valentine Sterling has everything a man could want: fame, fortune, and beautiful women. But if he can’t produce another bestseller, Val stands to lose the success he’s worked so hard for. Hoping the peace and quiet of a small town will help him focus on his new novel, he rents a room at the only hotel in Simple, Texas. Unfortunately, the boardinghouse is run by a voluptuous redheaded vixen who is the definition of the word “distraction.” Reba is as real as Val is fake and when she looks at him with her Texas bluebonnet eyes, he feels as if she can see right through his suave confident façade to the insecure bullied teenager he once was. Val wants to keep that side of him well hidden. Demanding star-treatment should do the trick…or so he thinks. But making Reba do his bidding only makes his desire for her stronger. Soon the demanding boss becomes the willing servant. Val will do whatever it takes for just a chance to win this country girl’s heart.


It’s going to take a major “plot-twist” from a grumpy aunt and a ghostly great-grandma to give Val and Reba a chance to turn their love story into a happy ending.




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