Charming a Texas Prince

Charming a Texas Prince by Katie Lane

Date Published: Oct 2022


She cast a Texas-sized spell on him and now no ordinary princess will do…

The Witch: It’s not easy convincing everyone you’re not a witch. Especially when you come from a long line of fortune-tellin’, palm-readin’, vision-seein’ psychics from, wait for it… Cursed, Texas. But Mystic Malone has worked hard to cast off the stereotype and fit in. A smart businesswoman who runs the town hair salon, she goes to church every Sunday, is president of the ladies’ club, and has never cast a spell—not even on Buck Kingman. Bet your saddled-up broomstick, if she could concoct a love potion, she’d give it to Buck. She’s been in love with the sexy, wrangler-wearing cowboy since she was sixteen. Too bad Buck only sees her as his cute little sidekick. She should know because as much as she doesn’t want her family’s psychic powers, she got them. She can see people’s love auras. And the only thing around Buck’s gorgeous head when he looks at her is his Stetson.

The Cowboy Prince: Buck Kingman has been searching far and wide for the perfect cowgirl to marry and fill his ranch castle with baby-sized pink and blue Stetsons. He knows what he wants: someone who loves beer, fishin’, two-steppin’, horseback ridin’, and won’t tell lies like his two-timin’ daddy. Someone exactly like his best friend, Mystic Malone. Mystic would make the perfect wife…if she were interested in marriage. Or babies. Or him. At least that's what Buck thinks until he realizes Mystic hasn’t been honest with him at all. She is psychic! She can read people’s emotions like the town newspaper. Now Buck is scared that Mystic has read all the wicked thoughts he’s had about her over the years. And there have been some wicked, wicked thoughts. When he “accidentally” kisses her, the fantasies become even worse. The only obvious explanation is…she’s bewitched him.

But a storm’s a brewin’. A storm that’s going to toss Buck and Mystic into an emotional twister that will either separate the two best friends forever or give the townsfolk the kind of magical, fairytale wedding Texans will talk about for years to come.

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