Charming a Cowboy King

Charming a Cowboy King by Katie Lane

Date Published: Mar 2023


The Frozen Queen: All her life, Paisley Stanford has been taught to keep her dirty laundry well hidden beneath a pretty smile and an “I’m just fine and dandy.” But when her life starts crumbling around her like a melting ice castle, Paisley must face the fact that her fairytale dreams have turned into a very unhappily ever after. To protect her son, she must flee her abusive relationship and seek refuge with her sister in a small town—ironically named Cursed. Paisley certainly feels cursed when she has to deal with her soon-to-be ex's threats, her precocious five-year-old son’s tantrums, and a rodeo saddle tramp who is trying to earn her trust. Paisley had no intentions of trusting a man ever again . . . until the saddle tramp turns out to be the kind of cowboy hero storybook endings are made of.

The King in Disguise: Hayden West has always had a soft spot for wounded, skittish animals. And wounded and skittish are the best words to describe Paisley Stanford. Or maybe not the best. Stunningly beautiful works too . . . along with man hater. After what she'd been through, Hayden can't blame her. But as an ex-rodeo cowboy, he's pretty darn good with skittish fillies. He wasn't planning on staying long in Cursed, but now he has to stay long enough to help a frozen queen learn how to "let it go" and trust men again. But how can Hayden gain her trust when he's hiding his own dirty laundry?


Return to Cursed one final time for a western fairytale that will fulfill all your fantasies of hot Texas knights in Stetsons and cowboy boots!

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