Charming a Christmas Texan

Charming a Christmas Texan by Katie Lane

Date Published: Dec 2022


A small-town Texas romance filled with hot cowboys, quirky townsfolk, lots of holiday shenanigans, and a fairytale twist!

The Misfit Mermaid: Everyone regrets things they’ve done, but Everly Grayson wins the golden buckle of life-long bad choices. Dropping out of school and running away from home to become a tattoo artist. Falling in love with her best friend. Ending up in bed with that best friend’s twin brother...who also happens to be a preacher. Yeah, bad choices. Her most recent? Taking a bartending job in Cursed, Texas, during the holidays. It's hard to ho-ho-ho your way through Christmas when you have to watch the love of your life living happily ever after with another woman. But Everly has always been good at bluffing, and she's fooled everyone into believing she's just a tough honky-tonk gal looking for a good time...well, everyone but her best friend’s brother. Chance Ransom sees right through her feisty façade to the wounded heart beneath. Probably because he’s just as wounded. And Everly wants no part of a holier-than-thou preacher struggling with grief…even if his mistletoe kisses melt her wranglers.

The Shipwrecked Prince: After his beloved wife passes away, Chance Ransom feels like he’s drowning. It’s a struggle to get out of bed in the morning––let alone pastor a church. Chance has lost his faith. He's lost his Christmas spirit. He's lost his will to live...until Everly Grayson shows up in town. Chance has always known that Everly is trouble and the only reason he can come up with for her being in Cursed is to tempt his twin brother, Shane, away from his new bride. Chance isn't about to let that happen. Unfortunately, the only one being tempted by Everly’s sassy, kissable mouth seems to be Chance. When he contracts a holiday virus and Everly arrives to nurse him back to health, he discovers that beneath the fiery-haired siren is the type of heroine who can heal a heart and save a man from a sinking ship.

The holiday sparks will fly as this saint and sinner clash wills. But with the help of three matchmaking “ghosts” and a little Christmas magic, Everly and Chance might just find that opposites make the perfect match.



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