Charming a Fairytale Cowboy

Charming a Fairytale Cowboy by Katie Lane

Date Published: Aug 2022


If the cowboy fits . . .

Cinderella: As the youngest Kingman daughter, Delaney has spent her entire life being overprotected by her three big, bad brothers. This feisty cowgirl is darn sick of it! She’s through missing out on fun because men are too scared to touch the Kingman Princess. She’s going to get a roll-in-the-hay, even if she has to rope and hog-tie the next hot cowboy to walk into her life. Enter hot cowboy—a mysterious stranger who struts into the local honky-tonk with no knowledge of the Kingman Dynasty or her brothers’ bad tempers. Delaney figures she’s finally found the perfect man to fulfill all her fantasies. But before she can get more than a kiss, the clock strikes midnight and her prospective lover flees . . . taking one of Delaney’s cowboy boots with him. Now it’s up to the princess to find her boot and Cowboy Charming. And come hell or big brothers, she intends to.

Prince Charming: Shane Ransom has one goal in life: get rich quick. Growing up as poor as a church mouse, Shane knows the importance of money and spends every waking moment trying to develop a software app that will make him millions . . . until one fateful night when he runs into a sassy cowgirl who wins all his money at pool and kisses him senseless. After being run off by the gun-toting bar owner, Shane thinks he’s seen the last of his Honky-Tonk Cinderella. Then fate delivers the dark-haired beauty back into his arms and Delaney turns out to be much more than Shane bargained for. Like the sheltered little sister of the Kingman brothers—brothers who are about to rearrange Shane’s face. Thankfully, Delaney comes to the rescue. A fake fiancée wasn’t in his plans, neither was fallin’ head over boots for her. But real life doesn’t always have a fairytale ending. When Shane is offered his million-dollar dream, he’ll have to decide between everything he’s worked so hard for and the cowgirl princess who’s lassoed his heart.

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