Wrangling a Texas Sweetheart

Wrangling a Texas Sweetheart by Katie Lane

Date Published: Jan 2024


Watch out, Wilder, Texas! Sweetie's back in town!

Sweetheart Mae Holiday is the oldest of the six Holiday sisters—the one who carries the burden of continuing the family's ranching tradition. Except Sweetie doesn't want to be a rancher. She wants to be the next Dolly Parton. And she's going to achieve her dream come hell or high water...or the inability to sing her songs in front of a crowd. When her daddy suffers a heart attack, she heads home to Wilder. Before she even reaches the edge of town, she's pulled over by a sexy-but-grumpy sheriff who makes it clear she's not welcome. Since before she headed off to Nashville she broke his cousin's heart, she understands why Sheriff Decker Carson has a bone to pick. But no one tells Sweetie what she can and can't do. When she finds out her mama and daddy are losing the ranch, Sweetie decides to put her country music dreams on hold and stay to help save her beloved home—even if she has to take on a stubborn Texas lawman whose sizzling kisses make her start to wonder if she’s been following the wrong dream all along.

Decker Carson has had a thing for Sweetie since first seeing her strut around the Holiday Ranch with her golden ponytail swinging and her eyes sparkling like a dew-drenched meadow. But he flat refuses to let his feelings show. Everyone in Wilder knows Sweetie has always been Jace’s girl. Jace is not only Decker’s cousin, but also the one who helped him get through the loss of both his parents. Decker is not about to break the no-kissing-cousin’s-girlfriends rule—even if Sweetie and Jace have been broken up for years. Unfortunately, when a scintillating rumor spreads through town and every cowboy in the county starts showing up on the Holiday’s front porch with flowers and marriage proposals, it’s Decker’s job as sheriff to untangle the mess. Which means spending a lot more time with the one woman he can’t resist . . . and the one girl he wants to make his own.

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