Wrangling a Lucky Cowboy

Wrangling a Lucky Cowboy by Katie Lane

Date Published: Feb 2024


Cowboy, Cowboy, wherefore art thou Cowboy? A fake marriage between the daughter and son of two archenemies. What could possibly go wrong?

Cloe Holiday is practical enough to realize she isn't as pretty and talented as her five sisters and she's content standing in their shadows and cheering them on. Her dreams are small--help children overcome the speech impediments she had to deal with as a child, get an engagement ring from her longtime boyfriend, and have her wedding in the big red barn on her family's Texas ranch. But even small dreams can blow up in your face. Instead of a ring, she gets the boot. And now her family is about to lose everything. Not just their ranch, but also their home and the beloved barn . . . unless Cloe is willing to enter into a wild scheme with the son of her father's archenemy.

Rome Remington has always tried to be the responsible, obedient son. After his mama ran off, he helped his father make the Remington Ranch one of the most profitable ranches in Texas. But now he has an opportunity to buy the neighboring ranch and the idea of getting out from under his controlling father's thumb is too good to resist. There's only one problem. The ranch is owned by the Holidays’ ornery grandma who refuses to sell to just anyone—the man must be willing to pay off the family debt and convince one of her granddaughters to marry him. After his first disastrous marriage, Rome swore he'd never get married again . . . but what if this marriage is merely a business transaction? Now all he has to do is convince a Holiday sister. And what better sister than the practical Plain Jane? But as it turns out, there’s nothing plain about Cloe Holiday. Her inner strength, kind heart, and breathtaking kisses will soon have Rome scaling any garden wall to get to his cowgirl Juliet.

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