Autumn Texas Bride

Autumn Texas  Bride by Katie Lane

Date Published: Sep 2018

ISBN: 978-1723733468


When a Texas good girl goes bad . . .

Autumn Hadley is the perfect triplet. She’s the sister who follows all the rules and stays completely away from trouble . . . until she runs into her one weakness—a pro-football player who melts her panties with just one searing look from his sapphire eyes. Okay, so she sacked the quarterback. Literally. Several times. But one mistake will be easy to hide. At least that’s what she thinks until the skeleton in her closet shows up in town wearing a sexy cowboy hat and wanting a replay. Now Autumn will do just about anything to keep her family from finding out about her naughty little secret.

Maverick Murdoch can’t catch a break. After being fired from his NFL team for not having his head in the game, he needs a distraction and he thinks he knows exactly where to find her. But when he arrives in Bliss, Texas, he discovers the hot woman he thought he’d burned up the sheets with is actually the weird, geeky sister who had a crush on him in college. Releasing his anger in a bar fight now has him doing community service as the new high school football coach. Stuck in the same town with the Hadley triplets isn’t his idea of fun . . . until a kiss makes him realize that sweet Autumn is his favorite season after all.

Will his love of the game keep him from the love of his life? Will her fear of imperfection keep her from her perfect mate?

Or will they fall into wedded bliss beneath a big ole’ harvest moon?

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